International immersive Works Competition
The Enemy
France, Canada, 2017, 60 min, experimental, documentary
English, French
Swiss Premiere

Synopsis | Il ne reste que quelques places ! Complet ! Free entry
Imagined by photojournalist Karim Ben Khelifa, The Enemy is to this day one of the most ambitious immersive installations ever created. It features three pairs of enemies who are heard one after the other, making us take the full measure of the cold horror of the concept of hate. 

This work is also part of the SENSible program.

This experience is available for 5 users simultaneously 
Presentation by the creator Karim Ben Khelifa on Thursday 8th of November at 14:30 at the GDM venue (Pitoëff 2)
Chloé Jarry, Camera lucida production, National Film Board of Canada, France Télévisions, Emissive, DPT
Karim Ben Khelifa